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"The 50 State Sonata Project is a large scale co-commission that is bringing new music to every corner of the US in 2016, with one violinist in each state premiering Amerigo, a new sonata for violin and piano by Stephanie Ann Boyd. This is Part I of a two year project dedicated to the life and work of John Kendall, the man who brought the Suzuki method to the US in the 1960s and was (long, long ago) Stephanie's violin teacher. The second year of this project will see a second sonata co-commissioned by 50 violinists from around the world. "                                                                     ~Stephanie Ann Boyd

I was honored to be representing violinist for Colorado. Also, with the help of University of Northern Colorado, I was able to invite Ms. Boyd from New York to be present at the premiere recital and also giving a guest lecture about music entrepreneurship.

Here is a short clip about the project:

I had an Interview with Greeley Tribune Journalist Joe Moylan on February 12, 2016:

Click for links to the article

I visited Greeley Central High School on Feb. 17, 2016 to promote about this amazing project happening in Greeley, CO.


(with Orchestra Director Mr. Doran Azari and Guitarist Landon Peck): 

Greeley West High School on Feb. 20, 2016 (with Orchestra Director Mr. Tom Nugent, Guitarist Landon Peck and GWHS Orchestra): 

Stephanie Ann Boyd came to give guest lecture on February 23, 4pm in Fraiser 256, UNC:

With UNC Composition Professors Dr. Paul Elwood and Dr. Eric Alexander after the Lecture: 

Both events' posters:

Ching-Hsuan Wang’s Premiere Recital on February 24th 2016, Milne Auditorium, UNC:

With Greeley Central High School Director Mr. Doran Azari after the Recital:

With Pianist Susie Maddocks and Guitarist Landon Peck after the Premiere Recital:

With Composer Stephanie Ann Boyd after the Premiere Recital:

Find more about composer Stephanie Ann Boyd:

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